I haven’t posted in forever, but I’ve found a new passion that will perhaps encourage me to do so more often: knitting!

That’s right, I’m taking up that old, crafty favourite – it combines my obessive nature, with my love for fashion, design, shopping and clothing into one rather satisfying activity.

I’ll be posting about major milestones in my work here, but you can also follow me at Ravelry, the most comprehensive social knitting site. I’ve already found over 400 interesting patterns that I’m going to consider knitting (of course a single person can’t possibly make that many projects, so I’ll have to whittle that list down a bit to the most interesting ones).

To begin, I’ve started a legwarmer. It’s not the best legwarmer, and there are plenty of mistakes in it. But it feels good each time I finish a row of stitches and I feel the weight of it grow in my hands. Looking forward to the finished product, and then knitting the second one (which will hopefully be better).

Knitter’s Delight

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