legwarmerSo, I finished my first knit item: the legwarmer. I dropped stitches, forgot where I was in the middle of the pattern, purled when I was supposed to knit, and knit when I was supposed to purl (in different spots anyway). Still, it’s done, and I’m putting it aside for a bit while I start a couple of other projects lest I grow bored. Then, I’ll tackle the second one. I do have to block this one and weave in the ends still… I haven’t got as far as “finishing” any projects yet.

I began a “spat” (it’s a type of shoe cover that includes a sort of ankle-warmer on top), but I frogged it and will have to start again. To give me a bit of breathing room, however, I decided to begin Coachella in between (gotta keep up the momentum, no?). So far, I’ve knit only the swatch. Now, I began knitting (the activity in general, not this swatch) with a tendency for tight stitches, but because I’m using the suggested Berroco suede yarn, which doesn’t have much stretch in it, I had no choice but to knit loosely. My gauge isn’t quite right, it’s slightly larger – much to my dismay. However, this should work still, as the XS coachella is slightly too small for me, and the S is slightly too large (or at least, stretches to slightly too large, and I like things to have a tight fit). So, I’ll begin this and see how it goes. So far, I’m really enjoying the yarn – it feels kind of nice, and I like how it forces me to knit a bit looser.

A legwarmer and a halter

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