When I began knitting approximately a year ago, I had lofty ambitions. As I do whenever I start learning something new, I started fantasising about all the wonderful clothing I was going to fervently knit up in the coming months. I began Coachella in February after having knit a few gauge swatches, fully confident I’d have a wearable top in a month or two.

Much to my dismay, both learning to knit and attempting to knit a tank top within the first month of picking up needles, was not nearly as simple as I’d imagined it to be.

For months, I frustratingly started and re-started many a project, until I finally settled on knitting this quite simple, small scarf. The success of that completed object propelled me forward, and I finished another larger scarf for my dad, just in time for Christmas.

It took me a while to get motivated again, but since then I’ve re-started Coachella yet again, this time with greater success. I’m just over halfway done, and I’m really looking forward to the finished result! Check out my progress so far.

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