Today’s post is meant to be something experimental. It’s not all that experimental, I suppose, but I’m uploading a sketch, as is one of the suggestions. It’s the bikini design I mentioned in a previous KBW post.

Because of the heavy drape of Tess’s Microfiber Ribbon yarn, I decided that for structural purposes, a stronger yarn should be used on the top pieces of the bikini, in the hopes that it’ll hold it all together better. So the top parts, the black, would be knit up in something like… well, maybe Berroco Suede. I don’t have much experience with ribbon yarns, the bulk of it being with Berroco Suede, so if I find something stronger later, maybe I’ll use that instead. But Berroco Suede seems like a good choice because I like how strong it feels, and it has some… shape-retention qualities, I’m finding. So, I think it would work well with the Microfiber Ribbon… though I’m not too sure about using two vastly different ribbon yarns in one project. I’ll see what the swatch comes out like.

Anyway, this is only the very beginning of the design process. It’s probably going to take a couple of years… eek, I hope I keep my figure well enough so I can still wear it by the time I make it! I’ll have to fast track this…

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