This post is about a project I feel is beyond my skill level and that I look forward to being able to knit up.

I think I tend to have unrealistic expectations for my skill level – at anything I do. I always think I’ll do amazingly well on the first pass, then I don’t… so… looking through all the patterns I have favourited and queued on Ravelry, it’s hard for me to find one I think I can’t do. However – I think the jackets category presents some well-suited options for this post.

Jackets / coats seem like huge projects, and not only do you have to not mess up for the whole pattern, you have to incorporate a lot of tricky things for the more beautiful patterns. I have yet to tackle buttons, seaming, cables – pretty much everything other than knitting in the round, purling and ribbing.

There are five coat/jacket patterns I have lined up in my favourites, that I know are beyond my current skill level, but I look forward to being able to knit:

Upwards, and onwards!

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