Today’s topic is to describe my surroundings when I knit.

If you haven’t already guessed by the title of this blog, knitting is definitely something I partake in whilst traveling, which means my settings change quite a bit. So far, I’ve knit:

  • On a plane to Thailand
  • At my parents’ hotel-apartment in Thailand
  • On a plane within Thailand, from Bangkok to the islands
  • I gave up on knitting while on the islands, it was much too hot and we were drinking too often for me to keep my stitches straight (this was back when I was still learning – I can now successfully sit with a glass of wine and knit without causing any problems)
  • On the train to and from my friend’s house in Kingston
  • On the train to and from my family’s house in Kemptville
  • In New York City, whilst attending the inaugural VKLive event
  • On various streetcars and on the subway in Toronto

However, I don’t spend all of my time traveling. Most of my knitting happens in the quiet calm of my apartment in Toronto. Typically, these days anyway, I’ll sit with a glass of wine, after dinner, with an episode of some comedy show on to keep me giggling while I go. For harder parts, I find I have to turn off all media and study the pattern and sometimes look up YouTube videos for instructions until I can get that part right.

Due to my upcoming trip to Germany, I may trade in the television episodes for German language learning podcasts, as I’m still learning it and it’s coming along slowly. I need to get back to the Rosetta Stone lessons, as that seems to be the only time I really speak German, and I find that to be the most helpful way to learn.

And that about sums up my knitting time!

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