My Ventura Wrap for Greece
My Ventura Wrap for Greece
Late last week, I decided I would begin knitting with two of the skeins of yarn I bought in Berlin, one light turquoise and one black Linie Toledo. I had planned to knit a light, lace wrap for our upcoming trip to Greece, and so I set about spending hours scouring the interwebs for an appropriate pattern.

I finally came across the Ventura Wrap and decided this was the one for me. Quick, simple, requiring little memorisation and using the same weight of yarn as Linie Toledo, I was satisfied.

I had originally planned on knitting the edges (ie: a vertical stripe on either side of the top and bottom – not the two ends) in black,

Front View of the Wrap
Front View of the Wrap
but I couldn’t quite figure out from these instructions how to knit together two such large strands of very differently coloured yarn in a wide open lace pattern as I was doing here, so I gave up and knitted the two ends black instead. It’s not quite as elegant as the visions I’d originally had dancing in my head of my completed product, and I still ended up having to re-start it, and large chunks of it, a frustrating number of times – but considering my skill level and the fact that it took only about a week to complete, I’m more than satisfied with it.

You can view my project’s details on Ravelry.

Light wrap for Greek Evenings
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  • June 23, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    I think the item looks good, you did well.


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