Lang Yarns Flores
Lang Yarns Flores

So, after lamenting how long it takes to begin a new project, I finally came across what I figured would be the perfect pattern for the yarn featured in my previous post, Lang Yarns Flores in purple.

I had picked up 2 skeins on sale at Casa Lana, in Cologne (Cologne yarn shops post to come!), and I wanted to make a decorative neck piece for it. So I scoured the Ravelry database until I came across the Dandy Scarf pattern, by Alexandra Tinsley.

I noted that it’s easily customisable and figured I’d have enough yarn to bang this out pretty quickly. Considering my recent failure with the Gisela pattern (another post to come), I wanted something to help boost my confidence back up. The Greek wrap definitely helped with that, but I needed more than just one successful project to motivate me to the point where I could pick up Gisela again and fix my mistakes on it.

I quickly bought the pattern, and Alexandra was very timely in emailing it to me after my purchase through Etsy (you can sometimes wait quite a bit of time to hear from sellers on there). I began the scarf, and after only one small hitch (a few edge stitches fell off my needle one evening), I was able to backtrack only 10 rows and pick up from there to finish up – yesterday! I did have to return to Cologne to buy another skein of the yarn, as I didn’t follow the instructions and begin the second half when I ran out of the first ball – and I wanted to include tassles anyway, which I wouldn’t have had enough for even if I had followed those instructions.

Dandy Scarf in Flores
Dandy Scarf in Flores
I have yet to block, as I need a considerable area to lay the scarf flat and possibly iron it, or at the very least pin it out when it’s wet, and I don’t have any tools to do that here. It’s too heavy to wear in Greece, or even here in Bonn as there seems to be a pocket of tropical weather visiting us this week (we’re uncertain how long it will last – usually it’s only a couple of days at a time, followed by 2-3 weeks of chilly, rainy weather), so I’m not missing out on any wearing opportunities. And best of all, I have some of the yarn left, so if my tassles ever destroy themselves, I can make more – or consider making some other type of hanging decoration. All in all, I’m quite pleased with the results of this one.

You can check out my Dandy Scarf on Ravelry.

Flores Dandy Scarf
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