It seems as though the city swallowed me up whole as soon as I re-entered after my time away. A couple of days after landing, we had a wonderful welcome home party with some good friends we hadn’t seen in ages. We were still jetlagging, but we made it out and lasted until 1 am, which is pretty good considering that would have been about 8am for us.

Since landing, we’ve spent our time rearranging Misha’s bachelor apartment, cooking food at home to save money (but certainly not time), we went to WEMF 2011 (amayyyziiiiing – apart from losing my camera, and the person who turned it into the lost and found stealing the SD card, and thus all our memories!!!), and this past week I’ve been working a freelance gig through an agency at Ogilvy Worldwide, which has been quite interesting. These short-term gigs are pretty cool – I’d definitely take on more of them, if I didn’t already have school looming for the fall.

My attendance at school will depend largely on whether Misha gets a job in the next couple of weeks. We’re also deciding what to do about getting a car – it’s such a huge expense! But I think it’s going to become a necessary one, should I end up taking school – it’s in Oakville, and we’re in midtown Toronto, so…

All this to say I’ve been too busy to make any progress on any of my knitting projects; I did start a new one, but it’s lace and as is usual with all lace projects I begin, I’ve messed it up numerous times and therefore progress on it is also difficult, slow and delayed. Can you detect my frustration? Honestly, whoever claims that knitting is a relaxing activity must have their head in the clouds, and have never touched lace. I find knitting to be by far one of the least relaxing activities in which I partake! However, the reward of finishing something is great enough for me to continue to¬† trudge through the long, dark days of mistakes and tearing out that each project requires. It’s not quite as instant as the gratification one gets from checking one’s Facebook feed constantly, but it at least exists – and is certainly greater than that!

Since the impending return
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