Gretel Tank
Gretel Tank
School has thoroughly swallowed up all my time. I’ve barely picked up the needles in the past couple of months – so work on my two tank tops had completely stalled. However, with a 5-day weekend saved up for Thanksgiving, I knew I’d be able to work on something. I slightly ambitiously brought along two projects with me to Kemptville for our visit to my parents for Thanksgiving. I progressed slightly on the second (and by progressed, I mean marked the line to which I must tear back the knitting on it), but did manage to complete the first project (my Gretel tank). At least – complete the knitting part. Now, I must wash it, block it and then seam together the shoulders before it can be worn. However, it’s mostly done – yet another victory! It doesn’t look like much, but here you go.

Our stay in Kemptville was delightful. We arrived after midnight on the Friday night, and were greeted by a moon shining brightly, high up in the sky, and more stars than we could hope to see even a 45 minute drive north of Toronto. It was beautiful. The next day, the weather warmed up to summerlike temperatures, and we enjoyed an unseasonally warm Thanksgiving, as all the leaves turned orange and red, and we could actually spend some time outdoors enjoying the sunlike splashes of colour all around us. We also got to see a couple of beautiful sunsets on my parents’ grounds before we left as well.

Words can’t justify the colours and beauty we witnessed that weekend – you’re really better off just looking at the pictures. I’m glad we have such a beautiful country property to go visit and enjoy the best of each season, and that’s so close by my childhood friends, no less. I look forward to many more visits there.

A Thanksgiving in Kemptville

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