I wish to take on crochet. I began a short dalliance with crochet late last year, when I used it to border a lace shawl I’d knit up, and took a crochet jewelry class at the Creativ Festival. However, since then, my desire to learn has languished with lack of time to apply to the study, and lack of the necessary tools for proceeding, not to mention not knowing where to even begin, having a great aversion to ever knitting anything associated with the term “grandma” (thus barring out those very handy learning tools, crochet blanket squares, towels, or indeed, anything not some revealing, classy item of clothing).

But I may have found my place to start: the Webby Sundress or Skirt doesn’t look too difficult, and I quite like the look of it (pictured, in my mind, in very difficult, far more harmonious colours, than those in the sample photo). I won’t embed the photo, as it’s got a Copyright symbol next to the person’s username on Ravelry, and that looks a little foreboding, for whatever reason. So, click over to the pattern to take a look at it.

Crochet Goals
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