Friendship BraceletsEver since last summer, when I began to see blog posts about a resurgence of interest in friendship bracelets, I’ve been thinking about how to do the “hemp” style bracelets with the colourful threads you can find in any crafting store. I began to stock a few up, including shiny metallic threads, and these are my first two stabs at making friendship bracelets in, oh… over 20 years? I don’t remember the last time I made one, but I seem to recall having a small issues with them here and there. In any case, these turned out all right – and I gave the twisty, pretty one to my colour-loving motion-and-print designer friend.

I’m planning to make some much more elaborate ones, once school is done and I have my spare time back. For now, it’s good to practice with the basics and experiment with colour – something I used to never be very good at, but have come to appreciate much more since picking up thread-based activities.

Goin’ all retro with the friendship bracelets ‘n all

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