Lacy Accent ScarfI’ve been absent the past month. I graduated, went camping in Awenda for a weekend (first camping trip in… 3 years, I believe? it’s been a while), visited my parents in Ottawa for my dad’s 65th birthday celebration, and worked nearly full-time at the gig I procured during school. However, I had no time to work on the knitting app I’m developing, and I really need to get that finished ASAP before anyone else adds their’s to the mix. Mine’s going to be fantastabulous, but yes. Time.

This past weekend I made immense progress on my Lacy Accent Scarf, and I think concentrating on something so intently for long periods of time has had a good effect on me. I think I needed a weekend “off”, away from the screen, doing some repetitive, meditative activity.

But now it’s Wednesday, and, apart from nursing my body back to health from far too long of eating off my proper diet, and lack of exercise, and managing the house, I’ve not made any progress on anything digital. My brain is still a little fuzzy from the bad diet, but I figured I’d write this clumsy post and then perhaps re-familiarise myself with the app. Where I’m at, what needs to be done, and then just dive in.

It can be hard to keep up the momentum when you’re working from home – damn near impossible some days – but I comfort and motivate myself knowing a few cheques are on their way from freelance gigs, and that my app will be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks – enough to distribute a first release to the store, anyway. Right, so, I think I’m done psyching myself up – time to jump in!

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