Something Red

A very good friend of mine got married two weekends past, and I was one of her bridesmaids. I decided I wanted to gift her something knit as an accompaniment to the rest of her wedding gift, and so I somehow found red mohair and knit this one up with the speed of a Tasmanian devil – in only 3 days! It did take me a while to find a garter pattern I liked / could knit (many are crochet, which I haven’t yet tackled), and I settled on the Something Blue pattern by Elizabeth Bagwell.

Something Red

I’m unhappy with the flyaway nature of the mohair I bought. I don’t know how the other people who knitted this up avoided those – it looks like they used yarns that weren’t mohair. But there’s one that was, and that project doesn’t have this issue either. I had to trim it a little to help it not look so messy. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets tucked away, very far deep down into a drawer somewhere, as that’s probably what I would do with the same.

Ah well, it was fun. And now I know how to make one for myself, when the time comes!

View the project on Ravelry.

Something Red – A Garter

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