Following on from my previous felting experiment, I knit up a quick swatch of di.Vé Mohair Kiss Ombre I’ve had sitting around for a while. I put it on a Regular hot/cold wash in with a bunch of towels, jeans and other heavy materials.

I let it finish the spin cycle, and then stuffed it into the dryer for a good couple of hours.

Size before felting (asymmetrical):
8-8.5″ wide by 6-6.5″ tall

di.Vé Mohair Kiss Ombre Swatch Before Felting
di.Vé Mohair Kiss Ombre Swatch Before Felting

Size after felting (still asymmetrical):
6.5-7″ wide by 5-5.5″ tall

So it lost about a 1/2 inch all the way around, like the other swatch.

It was also far thicker than I was expecting. It does claim to be an Aran/10 ply yarn, but for some reason I figured that mohair meant something more laceweight, and that perhaps the yarnmakers were counting the flyaways for more than they were worth. I was wrong, of course, and stand corrected – and now I’m considering how to make this yarn work, perhaps alongside the Lang Luxe in a much more loosely knit, alternating rows sort of swatch. I think I’ll try that out next…

View the project on Ravelry.


Felting Experiment #3 – di.Vé Mohair Kiss Ombre
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