Ruffle Skirt Pattern Ruffle Skirt Pattern

I’ve been working on my ruffle skirt pattern for over a year. In fact, working on this pattern is one of the reasons I stopped posting in here so frequently; I knit two additional sample skirts this year, on top of planning the wedding, and so my spare time has been extremely limited. I also basically stopped knitting anything else during that time, as I took the skirt idea a lot further.

This weekend, I was struck with inspiration and I buckled down to finish designing the Knitravel stationary I had started months ago; write, re-write and edit the pattern for the skirt; and setup my mailing list / campaign to get feedback on my second (but first complex) pattern.

So, if you’re interested in knitting up this ruffle skirt, head over to the pattern page to find out the details.

Thanks so much!

Ruffle Skirt Beta Pattern Posted

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