I-cord Infinity Scarf
An infinity scarf made from a knit I-cord

To round out the year on a high note, I figured I’d post one more before the celebrations begin.

I spent a couple of months diligently knitting this long I-cord. It was an experiment, to see what I-cord is like to knit (I had read it was hard; I didn’t think so until I finished the piece and realised all the mistakes I’d made 😛 ), what the result is like, and how I might integrate it into upcoming patterns. It wasn’t too terrible, but I made plenty of slip-ups that I had to attempt to recover, and, it appears, failed at doing so most of those times. Eesh! I’ll keep trying though. It’s a really nice look, and I’d like to make it in a few textures, bulks and lengths.

Check out the I-cord Infinity Scarf Ravelry project page.

On another note, in the interests of it having been yet another year gone by, my post from a year ago today is pretty interesting for me to review; in addition to the mini yarn-crawl I made in the Kingston-Kemptville area in fall of 2012, apparently I also made some notes for myself about potential patterns for some yarns I have sitting around. Perhaps getting to those patterns will be a “resolution” of sorts for 2014. More on that, tomorrow.

I-cord Infinity Scarf
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