Mambo Ice Chain Stitch Scarf
Chain stitch crochet scarf in Ice Yarns Mambo

I always said I didn’t want to make a million scarves, as a knitter. OOPS! What can I say… they’re just easy. At least this one is different – and I’ve kept on my usual trend of anti-adherence to the status quo by ensuring that most of the scarves/shawls I’ve knit are “different” in some way. For this one, I used a variegated white, purple and blue ruffle yarn – Mambo, by Ice Yarns.

The crochet chain stitch was super easy. Fast – only took a day. And look, it perfectly matches the very top I happened to slip on the day I finished it! Cool by me 🙂

My camera sports a fierce flash, so it was difficult to get any shots of me without my eyes half-closed, and therefore looking wasted. LOL.

Check out the project page on Ravelry.

Ice Chain Scarf
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