Fun Fur and Eyelash Yarn Moebius Cowl
An unintentional Moebius strip-style scarf

This was meant to be a fun fur and fringe yarn skirt. As is frequently the case, somewhere very early in the project, I botched it. I must have twisted the cast-on row around when knitting the first or second rows, or something. Regardless, it’s all twisted up – not just once around, but a couple of times. Luckily, I noticed it fairly quickly, and was able to bind-off, turning this into only a minor disaster – I wore it out yesterday in -16 degree weather, and it held up at keeping my chin/mouth area warm.

An additional positive lesson learned was that my initial guess on gauge for this two-yarn skirt, was way off – way too large. I’m not exactly sure what went wrong – perhaps I lost track of the stitch count in my initial gauge swatch – but I know I need to shave off quite a number of stitches from the original pattern I built out for it, in order for it to fit properly. Not too sure how I’m going to calculate that, so this will require more work / research / testing.

Check out the project page on Ravelry.

Accidental Moebius Scarf
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