It’s time to make some changes around here. I’ve decided to remove my Etsy shop, at least for the time-being, because the sales over there simply weren’t even covering the fees I was having to pay to maintain the listings. I’m really not into wasting cash, so – that’s done for now. I think, in future, despite Etsy having a great searchable marketplace, in order to avoid rent fees for being in it, I’ll open my own shop on this site. But for now, I need to spend some time developing new products, and exploring the craft. I haven’t had time to do much more than design / scribble and think about what I’m going to produce next, and that has to change. I can’t post anything new and mind-blowing if I’m not even spending any time producing!

In other news, I now have a home studio. It looks like a bomb’s gone off inside of it, so that’s just one more thing on the list to sort out – once I have some time. But I’ve got a fantastic workspace: a large, heavyweight desk that holds both my serger and sewing machine; a wonderful bust that must harken from the 50s or 60s; and loads of wall shelf space, thanks to a handy-dandy hubby. I also picked myself up a neat little clothing rack from Ikea, and some fancy-looking hangers to hang my finished projects on for photographing purposes.

In the works is a plan to re-jig some of my many websites. I’m planning to re-file my past crafty ramblings from another blog into this one, and then turn that domain into something else entirely… lots of IA needs to happen, and right now I’m considering how all the pieces will fit together. This is important to me because it’ll allow me to re-focus all my projects (both real-world and cyber) and get moving on them again. They’ve all been laying stagnant for far, far too long.

So here’s to renewals in the middle of the year. Gotta love summertime motivation!

Time for Change
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