Looking back at the lack of posts over the last little while, I realise I have a lot of catching up to do. I came close to finishing a number of knitting projects this year, and should post about them as a sort of post-mortem, at the very least.

In any case, this past week I’ve been fervently tatting. I don’t know what exactly sparked this latest craze in my mind, but I must have seen something on a forum or Facebook group somewhere and remembered that I had wanted to learn how to tat. Now’s the perfect time…

[FAG id=2571]

I decided it would be nice to try to make as many tatted snowflakes as possible and send them to family members who have unfailingly sent me Christmas cards, and presents, throughout the years, despite my very delinquent behaviour in return. So far, I’ve made three – the first of which was such a monumental failure, I refused to dispatch it to anyone, and the other two of which were sent off, the latest today.

For some reason, I’m finding tatting extremely addictive – much more so than knitting. It’s far, far easier to fix mistakes – as frustrating as it is to sit there unpicking stitches for 30 minutes – that’s still much less time than it takes to go back on a knitting project! And the turn-around time for these projects is no more than 3 evenings of a few hours here and there – compared with the months and months that goes by in between each time I’m able to pick up the knitting needles, figure out where I left off, and continue. And finally, the result is just so satisfying! It’s intricate, detailed, beautiful… and each one is better than the last.


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