After just over 3 years, in March of 2015, I finally, finally finished my Bronwyn shawl (pattern). It had been sitting around, completely knit, for a very long time – I just needed to sew in the ribbon. So sew in the ribbon I finally did, and then I pulled my hubby outside for a quick photo shoot. Despite the snow, it was actually not that cold that day – -5 was quite balmy after the typical -30 to -40 temperatures featured by Mother Nature last winter.

[FAG id=2586]

This is the shawl for which I made the Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts, also modeled in the photos above. My Sunda Warmers also managed to make the shoot, due to their colour (and the cold). I suppose this is one advantage to always buying the same colour yarn!

Bronwyn – finally

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