Haute Revel Ruffle Skirt Patter by Haute Revel
Pattern for the Haute Revel Ruffle Skirt

I got so excited about this post, that the very next day I ran out and bought some Katia Tul, which was on sale at my local Mary Maxim. I bought 3 balls of white, and 1 of pink, with a view to make up a ruffle skirt that would fit over my (appropriately) tulle underskirt I bought in the Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo.

It’s taken me three attempts, and about a year and a half to get the pattern to a place where I feel comfortable releasing it, beta version as it may be.

I am currently only releasing it to e-News subscribers interested in helping me revise the pattern.

It does require the quick & limited use of a sewing machine (unless you’re able to sew together elastic waistband material by hand). Please do consider e-mailing me with any suggestions for improvement you may have on it. I’ll post revisions here as I make them.

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